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Small Board
  • Small Board

    Served on a 12" round board the small board is perfect for groups up to 6!


    Comes with: 

    • 3 types of artisan cheeses - 4-6oz each 
    • 2-3 types of charcuterie - 3-6oz each
    • Olives/pickles/other pickled items
    • Assortment of fresh/dried seasonal fruits & veggies
    • All crackers are served on the side


    Please note: 48 hours notice is required for all orders! 

    Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-12pm

    • Pickups are not available after 12pm unless previously arranged with the owner.
    • Pickup location: Maplewood - Address provided at checkout.

    Tuesday-Sunday: 12-3pm (Please note the earliest I can leave the kitchen is 12pm – so delivery time will be dependent on location)

    ATB is closed on Mondays. If you are needing a board for Monday, please order for Sunday and keep it chilled overnight!

    PriceFrom $79.00
    Excluding Sales Tax |