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Party Pack!
  • Party Pack!

    Each Party Pack comes with 1 Charcuterie board, 1 Crudites board, 1 Cracker/Bread board + optional greenery to display underneath your boards!


    These packs are fully customizable! Interested in adding on a dessert board? Craprese skewers? I gotchu, babe! Shoot me an email at and we'll make your party pack dreams come true! 


    Sizes include:

    • Small (12") - Serves up to 10
    • Medium (14") - Serves up to 15
    • Large (17"x12") - Serves up to 20 
    • XL (22"x12") - Serves up to 30
    • XXL (22"x17") - Serves up to 40 


    -All charcuterie boards come loaded with artisan cheeses, cured meats, an assortment of seasonal fresh fruits & veggies, olives/pickles/other pickled items, nuts + more!


    -All crudite boards come served with hummus + veggie dips + a beautiful assortment of seasonal veggies!


    -Please leave in notes if you would like greenery included to display under your board.


    *For size references please look for the size board on the shop page. 


    Please note that the XXL boards come served on acrylic boards and will either need to be returned to the kitchen within 3 days of your event or arrangements need to be made for me to come pick them up. 

    Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-12pm

    • Pickups are not available after 12pm unless previously arranged with the owner.
    • Pickup location: Maplewood - Address provided at checkout.

    Tuesday-Sunday: 12-3pm (Please note the earliest I can leave the kitchen is 12pm – so delivery time will be dependent on location)

    ATB is closed on Mondays. If you are needing a board for Monday, please order for Sunday and keep it chilled overnight!

    PriceFrom $155.00
    Excluding Sales Tax |