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Party Pack!
  • Party Pack!

    Each Party Pack comes with 1 Charcuterie board, 1 Crudites board, 1 Cracker/Bread board!


    These packs are fully customizable! Interested in adding on a dessert board? Craprese skewers? I gotchu, babe! Shoot me an email at and we'll make your party pack dreams come true! 


    Sizes include:

    • Small (12") - Serves up to 12
    • Medium (14") - Serves up to 18
    • Large (17"x12") - Serves up to 24
    • XL (22"x12") - Serves up to 30
    • XXL (22"x17") - Serves up to 40


    -All charcuterie boards come loaded with artisan cheeses, cured meats, an assortment of seasonal fresh fruits & veggies, olives/pickles/other pickled items, nuts + more!


    -All crudite boards come served with hummus/veggie dips + a beautiful assortment of seasonal veggies!


    Please note that the XXL boards come served on acrylic boards and will either need to be returned to the kitchen within 3 days of your event or arrangements need to be made for me to come pick them up. 

    Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-3pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 10am-12pm

    • Please note what time you would like to pick up your board. I build in order of pickup times so please make sure to arrive at requested time. E.G: If you request a 2pm pickup, your board will be ready at 2pm unless I contact you letting you know your board is done early. Thank you! 
    • Pickups are not available after cutoff times unless previously arranged with the owner.
    • Pickup location: 2200 Bellevue Avenue, Maplewood. Please note this is a kitchen commisary located in the lower level of a church - there are multiple businesses working out of this kitchen and it is not open to the public. 

    Tuesday-Friday: 3pm-5pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 12-3pm

    • Please note that pickups do run until 12pm - busier times (weekends/holidays) may potentially shift the earliest delivery to 12:30pm.
    • If you're needing a delivery later than the cutoff time, especially for larger orders, please email me and I will try my best to accomodate! 

    ATB is closed on Mondays. If you are needing a board for Monday, please order for Sunday and keep it chilled overnight!

    PriceFrom $170.00
    Excluding Sales Tax |
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