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Ordering is easy, peasy, lemon cheesy!

Simply click the link below to send us an email and we'll respond within 24 hours with an order form!

                                                     Please allow minimum 48 hours notice for all orders.  


The "Fine Print"

// Across the Board 314 is not responsible for the integrity of the board once it leaves our location. Please handle all boards with care and always support from the bottom. Shaking (Yes, we've seen this happen) or tilting the boards will lead to shifting of product. 

// Boards should not be left out of refrigeration longer than 4 hours per health code regulations. 

// Boards can not be returned/exchanged once it has left our possession and all cancellations do require a 48 hour notice.

// Across the Board 314 can accommodate GF boards but does not work in a GF facility. 

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